What We Do

Data Analysis and Insights

We use data analysis to help businesses discover key insights, identify what's working (and what's not working), and continuously optimize their operations.

Data Visualization

Data visualizations help businesses understand complex data by presenting it in a clear and intuitive way, enabling informed decision-making and driving growth.

Automation and Web Scraping

Automation and web scraping technologies enable businesses to automate repetitive tasks, gather data from websites, and extract valuable information.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics uses algorithms and machine learning to analyze past data and predict future events, helping businesses gain a competitive edge.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves the development of intelligent machines that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence.

Education and Training

Provide education, training, and subject-matter expertise in data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence via online or in-person seminars.

Industry Knowledge

Restaurant and Service Industry

We help restaurants and service businesses drive growth and value by using data-driven insights to personalize customer experiences, streamline operations, and increase ROI.

Retail and e-Commerce

We provide customized retail and e-commerce consulting services that leverage digital analytics and marketing strategies to become more customer-centric, profitable, and sustainable.

Sports Industry

We assist sports organizations and businesses in utilizing advanced sports analytics and data-driven insights to optimize player performance, drive fan engagement, and maximize revenue generation opportunities.

Public Sector

We work with government agencies and public sector organizations to drive efficiency, improve decision-making, and deliver better public services through data-driven solutions.


We help financial companies improve performance and make data-driven decisions for greater shareholder value through insightful analysis, visualization, and growth strategy.


We help technology companies implement data analytics to drive innovation, identify growth opportunities, and increase ROI through quicker action on insights.


We collaborate with healthcare professionals to help companies achieve sustained growth through quality improvement, cost reduction, regulatory compliance, and reimbursement optimization.

Non-Profit Sector

We help non-profits optimize their operations, improve donor retention, and achieve greater impact through data-driven strategies.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Ataviz Consulting transformed our data into professional-quality visualizations with graphs, infographics, and word clouds. They responded to every email so quickly, and the final product was done well in advance of the promised delivery date. Nicholas is a pleasure to communicate with, and he clearly laid out several options with his recommendation for any complicated decisions. They have a collaborative process and were very patient in working towards the final product."

Tracey D.
Vice-President of The A-Mark Foundation

"Nicholas is one of a handful of people that I'm incredibly thankful to have met in my life considering the positive impact he's made on my business and my life. He's extremely trustworthy, confident, skilled, reliable, loyal, generous, timely, efficient and talented. Always willing to go the extra mile (and do it quickly). Incredibly blessed to have found such a good business partner."

Mikey H.
CEO of Basement Brewed Fantasy Football